My work happens through exploring those things that are of themselves quite ordinary; they are usually long established and settled, and as such have become anonymous and hidden within the broader landscape. They are always places that bear the trace of human occupation and intervention. It is the time spent observing together, with the drawings and notes made and the ‘stuff’ gathered alongside the photographs taken that form the essential elements for the making of the work. 
Further experimentation and inquiry continue to produce new possibilities. The more I work with the printed image in combination with different materials and methods of making the greater are the chances for new work to emerge - the whole process is self-generating. 
What excites me, is that far from resolving a particular idea, each piece of work sets up new questions and further opportunities; ‘what if’ or ‘supposing’ and ‘how would that work’?  Basically put, work happens.
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Small selection of works (for full selection see photographer website)
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