Manifesto of  OCA Fotograd Collective
1) Membership is limited to finalists (level 3) and graduates of the University for Creative Arts distance learning college, The Open College of the Arts (OCA).
2) We commit to the mutual promotion and development of the work of the collective in the world beyond the virtual walls of the OCA.
3) We value the diversity of cultural, ethnic and geographical  backgrounds our members bring to the collective.
4) The work of our collective is not genre-specific. We embrace the range of applications photography brings to the pursuit of self-expression and creativity.
5) From time-to-time the collective will make collaborative works. Participation in collaborations is optional.
5) The collective will be operated with a minimum of cost, and content generated  by member contributions. Each member will make an annual contribution of £5 towards the cost of website administration and coffee.

About the Open College of the Arts
Over 2000 people study with the OCA every year, as part of a global community representing 67 nationalities worldwide on 13 degree programmes and one Masters. Students come from every walk of life imaginable, fitting work, family, caring responsibilities and everything else alongside study and more besides.
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